Yesterday our Year 2 students came together across pathways with a series of Events at WSA. There was a wide range of themes and activities with the intention of sharing ideas, processes and research from within their current Self-Initiated Projects. Examples included; The Discovery Zone, a nature themed room with plant decorations etc with various illustrative workshops; live data collection through a screen printing stand, measuring the experience of Winchester as a student city; The Animation station, collaborative stop motion film produced during the day; Type Design workshops and exploring analogue generative design! These events were exciting and engaging as a high note to end the Year and as our students progress to Year 3!

animation_station archtypes cactus colour_flavour_Ellie-Rimmell gardens hangingmemories melephied poetryslam_alice typeworkshops_pubhub

Thank you to Rachel Monaghan, Year 1, Photography pathway for helping to document some of the Events.