Graphic Art Students at Winchester School of Art are offered the opportunity to undertake an international exchange as part of their studies in the second year of the course. This exchange programme has been specifically co-ordinated to include the very best Art and Design schools across Europe. The connections include Basel School of Design in Switzerland, The School of Design Bern Switzerland, Bergen Academy of Art and Design Norway, Weißensee Art Academy Berlin, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Germany and Elisava in Barcelona Spain Рa pioneer in studies of Design and Engineering. Tutors also work collaboratively with these partners by sharing knowledge, skills and undertaking workshops and research projects. #erasmus #excitingtimesatwsa


Student Testimonials

James Aspey, April  2017

My exchange at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art & Design in Germany meant that I worked with some very exciting practitioners that included; Hamish Muir, Dafi Kuhne, Frank Bauer, Hendrick Schawrtz, Johanna Sieben & Michel Medinger. We also made the trip to Offenbach for a series of studio workshops, and over the course of two days we worked with fellow students studying at HfG Offenbach. Overall, this was a fun and engaging and fantastic to finally meet Eike as well as I’ve been a big fan of his work ever since I had the chance to visit his studio HORT whilst on a trip in Berlin with the Winchester School of Art in 2015. The exchange programme for me was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it!

Outcome On WallSticking Up:End ProcessEike‘s¬†workshop in¬†Offenbach.

During WorkshopTypography workshops at Stuttgart Academy


Megan Krawielitzki, April 2017

Studying abroad at Elisava in Barcelona introduced me to new design perspectives and techniques that have enhanced my design capabilities and skill set. However, I believe the most valuable lessons are the ones I learnt outside of the classroom. Being submerged in a different culture broadened my outlook and allowed me to discover a lot about my personal abilities to face new situations with greater confidence. Living abroad made me more independent and I’ve met some fantastic people along the way. I can honestly say this exchange program has been an extraordinary experience that helped me grow as an individual and has left me more cultivated and curious about the rest of the world.


Elisava-img-4Drawing session at ElisavaP1070915 Elisava in positioned in the middle of the La Rambla