Students from the BA in Graphic Arts, have been given the opportunity to collaborate with an industry partner this term. Our third years can choose to either work with branding experts Bear, NATs (National Air Traffic Control), paper suppliers GF Smith and children’s publishers Anorak. These projects offer them the opportunity to gain professional skills by working with a real client or receiving guidance from a professional designer. This means they will present their ideas in a professional context and develop outcomes through conversations with experts from outside the world of education.

Here is a brief description of what each project will involve:

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Challenges WSA students to create a branding concept for a business that educates urban audiences to keep bees and manufacture honey. To find out more We have set up #bearwsa2015 to capture social media discussion around the project.


GF Smith
Paper supplier to the UK design industry, GF Smith are partnering with the BA in Graphic Arts on an exhibition in the WSA Gallery that will celebrate their ‘Legacy’ within the design industry. Their brief to students asks for a publication that celebrates this legacy to be exhibited in this exhibition.


National Air Traffic Control (NATs)
We are also working with our world leading Air Traffic Control agency to develop ideas for an experience that enhances the first 6 weeks of the their training programme. The communication objective of this brief is to engage new recruits in the programme, enhance their learning and help them understand the significance of the journey they are embarking on. Students will present their final ideas at the NATs training centre later this year. We have set up #WSANATS to capture social media discussion around this project.

marcus oakley

‘Anorak is the internationally acclaimed happy mag for kids!’ and since its launch in 2006, it ‘has broken new grounds in terms of visual communication for children.’ Their brief asks students to explore the idea of weird museums either through a narrative or by creating illustrations of a fictional museum. They also set a brief for Anorak TV their You Tube channel packed with ‘visually rich, colourful, fun animated entertainment, which invites children to feed their imagination whilst learning.’ This brief asks students to create a fun and interactive, animated ‘guessing game’. The best student work from these briefs will be featured either in the magazine or on Anorak TV.