Our final year Motion Design students received a special brief conceived in partnership with Golden Wolf and aided by our Fashion Marketing with Management department at Winchester School of Art.
A drive to constantly evolve and change up our approach to meet the needs of industry and equip our students by tackling real-world issues, along with new challenges from practical perspectives, this brief was packed full of challenges.

The students were tasked with creating a short Instagram hype film targeting Neo Nyt as a platform for sustainability. The films not only had to work as a square (1:1) but also function as a story (9:16). This challenged our students to weigh up adaptive design against cropping, whilst still holding up a high impact and a fast delivered, multilayered message.
Henry from Golden Wolf, launched the brief at Winchester School of Art followed by deep dive into the life of a world-leading studio and gave a generous look into their Motion Design focused part of their business.
Armed with a fresh perspective of their subject and a new brief, students raided the library for information and starting points for art direction. The search for materials and information expanding out to the fashion department for fabric cuttings and knowledge.

Throughout the brief students had structured points of contact with academic staff and visits to Golden Wolf to keep their projects on track for final delivery. Each tutorial and studio visit saw huge growth in the student’s projects, their ambition and their ability to confidently articulate their work in front of their professional peers.

A few words from our students

Sydney Butler
“My experience of the Golden Wolf live brief really strengthened my skills, and made me a lot more confident as a motion designer. The feedback we got from them was really helpful and inspiring, and it was really good experience to see how a studio handles real briefs and how they work together to solve problems. It really helped me advance for third year and gave me a lot of inspiration for my FMP*. ”
*Final Major Project

Tianhao Sun
“Yeah. The computer room and studio space are great. It feels good to work with other people and share ideas. The opportunity to visit the top studios is amazing. This is very helpful for my future plans. I’ve learned more techniques. My communication level has improved.”