At the start of this academic year 18/19, our lucky Motion Design students had the privilege of receiving a brief from the talented, award-winning, animation production company; Golden Wolf.
Centered around the concept of ritual for a youthful audience, our students were tasked with producing a Motion Design short to work both in 1:1 and 16:9.

After the brief, our students had a short time to come up with mood-boards, storyboards, and animatics before pitching at Golden Wolf’s plush studio in London. Our students pushed aside their nerves to practice their all-important pitching skills in front of five members of staff followed by feedback. From a company with a superb ethos of “No room for OK”, this was a great time for them to take stock and push their work further than ever before.

Once the group had their concepts and pre-vis finalised after a few group tutorials, students took on many different approaches of production, from frame by frame digital drawing to 3D CGI.
Once complete, the group took their work to Golden Wolf’s studios once again for the final critique.


Kate Ross:
“The golden wolf brief gave me an insight into the motion design industry, with studio visits and pitching to a client. Working with a client allowed me to gain an insight into the industry and taught me to work to short deadlines. The experience built on my confidence when pitching an idea and receiving feedback, as well as pushing my practice further, with improvements in my 3D modeling skills. I thoroughly enjoyed working to a fast-paced brief, with several trips to the studio. It was a very rewarding experience”.

Ni Jiajia:
“I have got to know better about the work cycle for a project and its time organization. I am more confident in producing work in a requiring time and how to target a visual to a certain brand with color scheme limitations and styles. Also, I realize the importance and indispensable process of the concept and mood-board. These two stages are crucial for smooth development later. By doing this project, I had a good experience of getting control of a complete project and find that doing a presentation for the “client” is as important as the work itself. Each time in a presentation, we need to clearly show ideas, recent progress and the plan for the next week. I really enjoy each week’s work. It’s specific and is really efficient since we need to make our best in a definite time duration. This is a real experience acquiring project.”