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Noel Douglas visited WSA recently as part of our ‘Insights from the Field’ professional practice programme.

Noel Douglas is an Artist, Designer and Activist interested in how forms of creative resistance and agitational graphics are produced and used by Social and Political movements especially in the new era of social networks.

A long time activist working in social movements, a decade ago he helped initiate the biggest day of global protest the world has ever seen, February 15th 2003, which saw protests involving 15 million people in 600 cities. Most recently 2011 he helped found Occupy Design in the UK with the aim of OUsing design to support the occupy movement and using the occupy movement to transform design.¹

Recent shows have included Disobedient Objects at the V&A, the 22nd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw and Graphic Design Now in Production touring the USA. Recent books Green Patriot Posters with Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

His talk at Winchester focused on forms of creative resistance to the 1% who says dominate and are destroying our Planet.