On Friday 7th October we launched this year’s externally partnered projects with a series of workshops and discussions delivered by digital design studio, Sennep; brand communications agency, Bear; children’s publishers Anorak and the Winchester Museum.

Here is a full description of the projects the students will be tackling:


Shuffle with Bear, XL Communications & Schreder Urbis
Bring a consumer product alive using your skills as a graphic artist. Work with a real client, a real creative director and a real product to create a proposal for an exciting and engaging piece of visual communication that integrates across a range of media touchpoints. Students will present at Schreder Urbis at various stages of the project and selected final outcomes will be presented at the international lighting show Lux Live.



Digital/ physical: PLAY! with Sennep
Work with Sennep to explore the potential of PLAY through the development of a proposal for an experience (or series of experiences) that connect across DIGITAL and PHYSICAL media. Final proposals will be presented to the partners of Sennep in their London studio and selected students will be given the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside the Dandelion installation in Southampton.



Physical Gaming with Anorak
Explore a world where physical objects, materials, and interactions are valued over screens. Research and test how to encourage the use of imagination and creativity through interaction and play, by re-inventing and developing an existing board game. Students will present at Anorak’s London studio and selected work will be featured in forthcoming publications.



Contextual Geographies with the Winchester Museum
Propose a research-led strategy that gives context, promotes and brings to life an historic artefact.  Students will present ideas for enhancing new displays at the Winchester Museum and may be given the opportunity to have their ideas developed and realised.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.