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For the last 5 weeks second year illustration have been working hard as part of their Advanced Skills Bootcamp. This project saw the students explore narrative, sequence, editing, letterforms and typography. This was done through a series of one day workshops and by visually responding to one of two pieces of classic text. Choosing either The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe or The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde, the students had to visually communicate their own personal interpretations.

By questioning how sequence and narrative can be employed, a huge array of successful responses and outcomes were produced, as can be seen from the selection above. As well as making books, films and animations, interactive story telling devices were created. Such as a Model Millionaire app and a hand sewn cloth artists brush holder, containing both brushes and the three main characters. Books within books within books were made. 3d sets were built, lit and photographed. Giant murals were painted. Hundreds of eyes were drawn and even a love story with a Llama made an appearance.

Overall an exciting and promising start to the year!