Year 1 Illustration students were each given a location to visit and interpret using a variety of mark making and materials. These visits led to an exciting body of drawings and imagery which were then enlarged and scaled down using the photocopier by different students, editing each others work. After more discussion and consideration of the original locations the students each produced a bound journal representing the location and space, including notes and observations recorded during the project.

Telephone Box,  Charlotte Scarrow Shed Journal,Tessa Jones Bathroom Journal, Grace Ives-Farren Bathroom Journal, Grace Ives-Farren Library Journal, Harriet Lamb Library Journal, Harriet Lamb Football Pitch monoprints, Maddison Warnes Football Pitch monoprints, Maddison Warnes Tape Phonebox Charlotte Scarrow Tape Phonebox development Charlotte Scarrow Football Pitch Lettering Maddison Warnes Phonebox scaling with tape, Charlotte Scarrow Football pitch scaled lettering, Maddison Warnes Scaled phonebox, Charlotte Scarrow