This is a special guest post from the Gym, a collective of 6 BA Graphic Arts alumni. Three members of the Gym: Daniel Speer, George Lavender and Danny Quanstrom visited WSA on the 22nd Feb to chair one of our Alumni days. They also worked with our year 3 students to create a collaborative workout zine.

The Gym at WSA
“The Gym is a collective of six like-minded designers. It formed organically, as we all worked in the same studio space whilst studying at WSA. It became a creative output that was free from the pressure of our studies. The name and subsequent theme of our work focuses on the bizarre world of body-building – this seemed like an arbitrary decision at the time, but that was and still is the beauty of it; we didn’t have to explain ourselves to anyone and that was very liberating. We then went on to create 3 zine publications, which we sold and distributed across various print fairs in London. We also had a feature in Garageland magazine, and our logo published in the counter-print book ‘icon’.”

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The Gym after WSA
“Inevitably we were all so focused on starting our careers, that producing any work for The Gym became less of a priority. We still stay in touch and although we’re not collaborating in the same way, we still help each other out a lot. Whether that’s recommending each other for internships or sharing opinions over freelance projects. But given the recent enthusiasm from the students at WSA, there is definitely more to come from The Gym in the near future. ”

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Gym lessons

“The most significant learning from The Gym is the process. The open and collaborative approach we cultivated is as relevant for us today as it was 5 years ago. It taught us the value that other people can bring to your ideas, and not to be too precious over your work – it changes so frequently you must be willing to adapt and evolve. Also, a sense of healthy competition is great for self-motivation, it pushes you to be your best and get the best out of those around you.”


The Gym are:
George Lavender –
Dan Speer –
Danny Quanström – 
Daniel Green –
Rupert Knowlden –  
Nick Hill –

They have worked for Mother, Wednesday and Moving Brands with a collective client list that includes: Nike, Urban Outfitters, Top Man, the Design Museum, the Barbican, Pimms, Diesel, Mango and Victoria Beckham.