Over on the Year 2 Illustration pathway the students have just finished their ‘Consolidate’ module. Consolidate saw the students build on their skills by tackling 4 quick-fire briefs based on 4 classic Illustration outcomes -Publishing / Covers, Editorial Illustration, Reportage and Sequence.  Each brief was jam packed with presentations, workshops, exercises and introductions to new and related software and skills to learn.

Below are some highlights from the many Workshops completed.

kieron whereareyourbooks  dontlet shelookedat

Super fast hand drawn typography workshop responding to some classic quotes in preparation for the covers brief!

gondelliers  remiwip collageinaction morecollageaction cleo bebechats avions birds

A collage workshop exploring the limitations of the medium and focusing on composition and layout by reinterpreting classic book / record and VHS covers!

womanorderscard corrycard card1 couplecoach

realold oldcouple

trumptext angrytrump

racooon racooon2

More quick fire workshops! Here responding with as many roughs as you can in 5 minutes based on headlines from the ‘News’. (We say News but is the fact that a Racoon stole a man’s phone and video himself, news?)

doodleaction2 doodleaction1

Last not but least, but you guessed some short sharp drawing exercises to loosen up and generate some ideas in prep for attempting some comics!!

The Students are now heading into ‘Question’ which sees the students revisiting their Reportage and Sequence brief but challenging the conventions of what Illustration can be! We are expecting some exciting and ambitious outcomes indeed!!