The 1st of November saw the final presentations for the Externally Partnered briefs for third year. For the Physical Gaming brief with Anorak this saw the students having to pitch their proposed idea for the Anorak Event Drawing Imaginarium to Anorak founder Cathy Olmedillas.

The brief started with the students studying the mechanics of 4 classic board games and then go on to consider how this could inspire a real life event or interaction for Children aged 5-12, that would encourage imagination and creativity through physical play. The students were encouraged to be as ambitious as they could and consider the mechanics, pacing, materials and rewards that such a game or event would require.

The pitches themselves went great and Cathy was blown away by the ideas and sheer imagination of the work. She was even heard to say ‘ You guys have made my life so hard! How am I going to choose which ones to develop for The Drawing Imaginarium when they’re all so good!’ When you have such strong ideas like ‘Ballet Ninjas’, ‘Brain Hat’, ‘Scampi Happening’ and ‘The Eggcellent Eggstravagant Egg Enigma’ then you can see why.

Congratulations to all the third years involved as you guys really pulled it out the bag! And by bag I mean Hat and by Hat I mean Brain Hat.

Stay posted to see who ends up developing their idea for the Drawing Imaginarium at Yorkshire Sculpture park and other Anorak events in the future!

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