5th – 10th July 2016

at the Archivists Gallery in the Kingsland basin, Haggerston, East London.

2-10 Hertford Rd, London N1 5ET 

This Summer by the canal in East London graduates from the BA in Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art have curated a series of events that bring together illustrators, typographers, graphic designers, animators and interaction designers to explore the potential of cross disciplinary, collaborative practice. Alongside successful alumni and influential industry friends they aim to examine and challenge the received wisdom of the creative industries and establish themselves as a new generation of visual communicators.

Here is a run down of the key events across the week:

Tuesday 5th July. 7pm – 9pm

Crowd Talks curated BA Graphic Arts Alumni discussion

Wednesday 6th July. 12pm – 5pm

Graduate support workshop chaired by designers from ustwo.

Thursday 7th July. 7pm – 9pm

Industry Private View.

Friday 8th July. 8am – 11am

Cult Brand Creative Morning

Friday 8th July. 12pm – 3pm

Free Industry Lunch

With talks from Supermundane & Max Gadney, After the Flood.

Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th July

Open gallery with workshops from ‘People of Print’


For more info visit: http://asumof.parts