On Wednesday 9th March,  Photographer Toby Smith will be visiting WSA to deliver a visiting practitioner talk in LTA starting at 10am.

Toby embraces a range of traditional photography and innovate video techniques tailored to the subject matter.   Moving between large format photography for exhibition and print, full production video for broadcast and also Ultra HD Time Lapse or animation for web and new-media usage. Toby also has a special interest in the online mapping and geo-location of his research leading to grants from National Geographic, The Royal Photographic Society and partnerships with NGO’s on numerous field trips.

His work is exhibited internationally and editorial clients include National Geographic, GEO, The Sunday Times Magazine, TIME, Fortune, The New York Times, Guardian, Intelligent Life and Stern. Broadcast credits include the BBC Natural History Unit, Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Notable exhibitions and awards include the V & A Gallery,  The Barbican and PDN 30.


toby_smith_china-69 The-Pier

The Satellite SES-6, commissioned by SES and constructed by Astrium, is mounted in the Near Field Range of Astrium’s test facility in Toulouse.

ILAKAKA, MADAGASCAR – JULY 22 2013: Overview of the main mining area to the West of Ilakaka town centre. The main sapphire mine is operated by "Colour Line" and is referred to as the "Swiss Bank" on account of its Swiss entreprenerial owner. The mine is operated on a waged basis of $2 a day per worker. All risk and benefit on the mine-owner. All excavation is by hand with only mechanised water pumps. The main mine is over 12 years old and 30m deep. (Photo by Toby Smith/Reportage by Getty Images)