Cyriak Harris visited WSA recently as part of our Insights from the Field professional practice program me. He gave a very honest and revealing insight into how his mind functions, and explained the process of how he creates his work. He also talked about how he approaches briefs, and how he deals with problems/human beings/money/time/clients/imitators.

Students were given a visual history of how his career has progressed since leaving university in 1994, and the reality of how hard it was to gain work and experience when you don’t have any work or experience to show. Perseverance, determination, and most importantly the invention of YouTube meant Cyriak successfully got his work seen.

Cyriak showed us a film of how the Bonobo video was made. The attention and detail, and commitment within every moving element really evidenced his passion for what he does, as well as providing the students with an insight into the level of dedication. ‘ I get paid for what I do because no one else is crazy enough to do it’ really summed up Cyriaks approach to his work and career.

The second year motion graphic students enjoyed his talk so much that they made a special thank you GIF for Cyriak.

7386eskmo cirrus   IMG_4310