In the Graphic Design pathway students had a very productive day developing sketches for new typefaces inspired by a variety of grids. From imagery of a diverse array of grids photographed from architecture, natural forms, interior spaces, boundaries and landscape, students considered modularity and structure in designing their letterforms. The images here use grids from The British Library Roof structure, waveforms, antennae, windows, paving surfaces, and car radiator grills. The next stage of the workshops will be to further develop and refine their characters with a view to producing a display typeface digitally.

IMG_20131104_132718 IMG_20131104_132646 IMG_20131104_132707 IMG_20131104_110858 IMG_20131104_144307 IMG_20131104_132525 IMG_20131104_145042 IMG_20131104_113553 IMG_20131104_131839 IMG_20131104_110710