In our last brief for Semester 1 we were asked to produce a self-publication using a prior research brief. The self-publication project was constrained to a series of parameters such as format, extent, typography and colour. However, the organisation and shape of the content was left up to us.

Personally, I found it hard to focus on one piece of my research. I felt so involved with the topic researched ‘social class in Britain’ that I wanted to communicate all the ideas behind it. Certainly, it was a difficult obstacle to overcome but the restrictions helped me to make a decision on the strongest content of my research and focus only on the relations between social class and body language.


After making an observational video during my research the sensation of spying people while I analysing their body language was something that I wanted to portray in my publication alongside the idea of hierarchy. Looking back I realise how important the research process was to generate ideas for the design of the publication.


As a student representative it was challenging to organise a group exhibition. Getting people involved and obtaining people’s opinions was not an easy task. However, I am thankful to Grant Norris who specially helped to design the poster for the exhibition and all the rest of the students that in one way or another got involved with the process.

Written by Victoria Cedano
Year 1 Graphic Arts student