The current exhibition at the Tate Modern featuring the photographers William Klein and Daido Moriyama is a must see. Both are part of the greatest photographers of their generation and both have a prolific career in the art of bookmaking. William Klein is a primary example of how an artist can transfer ideas from one medium to another. His early experimentation in abstract art, graphic design, film and typography inspires him throughout his photographic career. The show features his famed reportage series and investigates the relationship/differences between “the wall” and “the book”.

Daido Moriyama is an obsessive photographer constantly questioning and seeking to understand the urban experience.  He was one of the key persons associated with the avant-garde magazine Provoke which represented a watershed moment in photography from Japan. Like Klein, Morimaya has consistently broadened the idea of photography, thinking in new ways about how images are taken, reproduced and exhibited. The exhibition showcases a huge selection of magazines and books by the artists.