Better late than never…  Here’s some of the final zines from our 1st year project run by Rob Peart and Gordon Armstrong from Zineswap. In order of appearance: Victoria Emery’s beautiful photographic zine explored different forms of memorial. Flynn Thomas-Litman made a series of filmic zines based on her dreams. Francoise Lewis’ zine focused some ire on the fur industry with a series of collages using material from fashion magazines. Judy Tattersall’s games with medium and message led to Facebook updates set as Victorian posters. The toiletry traditions of different cultures were explored in Ki Yeungs’ humourous zine. It wasn’t always black turtle necks and jeans according to Peter Tait’s zine which mapped the late Steve Jobs’ career by scrutinising his changing wardrobe. There were many other really strong submissions but these were top of the pile in the office! Thanks again to Rob and Gordon for all their efforts… Hopefully it wasn’t terminal for your trusty photocopier.